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About us


We are a church that believes in the Blood, The Book, & the Blessed Hope.



Answers to some of your questions:

Will I be accepted?

      Attending a church service for the first time can create a feeling of uneasiness.  You may not know what to expect.  Allow me to assure you that you will be greeted by a friendly, loving group of people.


What will service be like?

      The service consists of traditional hymns, special music, and a message from the Bible.  The pastor reads the text for his sermon from the King James Version of the Bible.


How should I dress?

I know many people may stay away from church due to their lack of "proper clothes".  However, here at Calvary we accept everyone, no matter how they dress.  Yes, some wear their "Sunday Best" while others wear blue jeans.  You will see some ladies in dresses, but also many wearing pants.  We invite you come as you are.


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