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10 questions God won't ask

Recently I read an article by Don W. Hillis in the Sword of the Lord. I found it to be quite thought provoking and challenging. I wanted to give you the privilege of reading this as well. The article is entitled, "10 Questions God Won't Ask."

#1 How well you fed your cat, dog, or horse, but He may ask why you didn't spend more money to give the Bread of Life to lost men.

#2 How many cakes and other beverages you consumed on earth, but He may remind you that you could have used some of your money to provide the Living Water for thirsty souls in foreign lands.

#3 How many hours you spent in your boat, but He may ask how much time you spent stilling the waves in the storm tossed lives of your neighbors.

#4 Whether you toured the world and "walked where Jesus walked" in Palestine, but He may ask how many footsteps you took for Jesus' sake in your own town.

#5 To tell him how many hours of television you watched, but He may ask you why you couldn't find more time to pray.

#6 How much time and money you spent beautifying your yard, but He may ask how much time you spent edifying fellow Christians.

#7 How outspoken you were about politics, sports or the weather, but He may invite you to explain why you were so hesitant to speak a word for Him

#8 How often you said "My Jesus I love thee", but He may ask whether that love ever made a concrete effort to reach people.

#9 How much time you spent with your newspaper, but He may ask why you couldn't find time to study His Word.

#10 How strongly you professed to believe in soul winning, but He may ask how many souls you won to Him.

Or maybe the Lord will just ask if His long-ago question to Peter, "Lovest thou me more than these (John 21:15) ever got through to you.

As I said, this article was thought provoking and challenging to me, how about you? I know that God loves you and wants to do a good work in you. I also believe that we have a part to play as well! I believe He expects us to walk in obedience to Him! The Bible says we are to "Examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith." II Corinthians 13:5

If we can be a blessing to you, please contact us. I belive Calvary Baptist is a "Place to Grow and a Place to call Home!

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